nyu window display and mobile site design



    the hartford institute for geriatric nursing (hign) is a part of renowned new york university (nyu) college of nursing. founded in 1996, hign’s mission is to impact the quality of healthcare amongst seniors and promote excellence in geriatric nursing. hign uses their talented leadership, staff and affiliate organizations to display this commitment, earning them a globally recognized presence among geriatric nursing.

    in an effort to spread their mission to a wider audience and promote their healthy aging initiative, hign reached out to websignia for the design of an interactive window display to be featured in rockefeller center, new york city. the challenge was to create a flawless design within the clients sensitive budget, as well as install the interactive display in a rockefeller center storefront window. the display was to feature the poster child for healthy aging, edith mccalister- a 93 year old woman whom swims and engages in a host of healthy activities daily. edith embodies the lifestyle that hign aims to spread to seniors across the country. hign wanted the window display to include an array of facts on geriatrics and provide tips for active aging that seniors can incorporate into their routine or that younger viewers can pass to their loved ones over the age of 65.


    the window display is featured in an area of new york city with heavy foot traffic, our goal was to create a display that disrupts the senses with a visual contrast. we designed a fifteen foot long poster that included a backdrop of edith mccallister, a video loop of edith engaging in high-performance activity, and healthy aging factoids incorporated throughout.  a qr code on the window display  connects viewers to a mobile optimized landing page that features the window art, messaging about the program, and links to key hign web and social media properties.

    we designed the backdrop to include key hign brand messaging and used a wide screen television to display the video content that was written to loop without obvious breaks. for the video production and editing, we used adobe premiere and layered different effects using adobe encore. the overall goal of the project was to bring exposure to hign’s mission and vision. edith and the window display were featured in a two minute segment on wabc-tv in new york. see the video below:

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