websignia empowers tomorrow’s entrepreneurs


    today the websignia team was joined by a group of promising high school students and future entrepreneurs, from an innovative course entitled be the business. the purpose of their visit was a discussion on small business development featuring websignia founder and chief creative officer steve jones.

    The program is part of the city of east orange, new jersey’s division of employment and training, and has been in existence for two years. matt stevens, who runs the be the business group and founder of empower todays youth, chaperoned the eager visitors along with theresa robinson. websignia welcomed the opportunity to speak with 12 amazing young minds ready to strive for success, even this early in life.

    the one hour conversation ranged from various topics including education, keeping up with industry trends, obtaining internships, hard work, client relationships, and online branding. an interactive q&a session allowed the inquisitive youth to ask thought-provoking questions for the websignia team. Many of the students expressed a broad interest in entrepreneurial ideas such as puppy grooming, video game development, event planning, and sports bag design.

    after the motivating dialogue, steve jones had this to say, “i wish i had a program like this available for me when i was their age”.

    websignia project manager desean brown, who joined in the discussion added “it was great to participate in meeting the children invested in matt steven’s program. i wish their takeaway is that success can be achieved no matter where you are from.”

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