websignia’s top social media week picks for small businesses


    yesterday kicked off social media week in new york city. this event boasts an audience of technologists, trendsetters, tastemakers, influencers, change agents, marketers, and educators who move across the city to learn from the marketing pioneers of our day. this winter, social media week will enter its 5th year in new york and since its inception, has expanded to 26 different countries on nearly every continent. the schmorgasburg brings a diverse range of topics, this year, centering on themes of collaboration and connectedness. knowing your time is valuable, we’ve identified a few events that we felt would suit the bootstrapping business(wo)man in us all.

    1. social on a shoestring: tumblr tips for publishers, nonprofits,
    and small businesses

    tuesday, february 19 3:30pm-4:30pm

    for the social media savvy business owner in you, we are recommending this master class hosted by tumblr to help you learn how to stand out in the network of nearly 90 million blogs. tumblr is a network that is ideal for photo and video integration and can serve as a way to connect with customers through high quality images and demo’s of products. this class will cost you, but it looks to be worth the investment.

    2. psfk presents the future of work: making social work in collaborative workplaces
    wednesday, february 20 12pm-1:30pm

    small business owners always tend to find inventive ways of turning a challenge into an opportunity-work space being one of them. there has been a major transition into communal and cooperative work environments all across the country and the trend has evolved in a way such that designers are taking note. cubicles and walled offices and even the kitchen table styled work space is being remixed. leading publication in innovative, psfk will be unveiling some cool new designs in the in the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and networking, collaborative workplaces have popped up all over the country as an alternative to the traditional work place and are a major part of the future of how we do business.

    3. news from noise: discovering and verifying the best content across social networks
    wednesday, february 20 12pm-1:30pm
    as a small business or nonprofit organization on a bootstrapper’s budget, you recognize the need to engage in social media and share content. evaluating the usability, relevance, and credibility of that content is something that always poses a challenge in an environment where over-saturation of information and misinformation is no anomaly. this discussion addresses that very issue and engages participants in how they can create and curate information that is both accurate and implores a call to action.

    4. fostering collaboration through entrepreneurial ecosystms: hosted by American Express OPEN Forum
    friday, february 22 9:30am-11am

    no man (use cross out function here) business is an island and with the increase in entrepreneuriailism in new york, there is more of a need to share, connect and co-produce. this discussion will engage several stakeholders on how the business community of new york can continue to grow.

    5. mashworks’s 2nd annual smw beer pong tournament
    tuesday, february 19 8pm-11:59pm

    all work and no play makes for a dull EVERYTHING. check out the digs at the lounge at WeWork, a collaborative workplace located in soho, network and enjoy a cold one. last year, this event was named “the most appealing” event in social media week’s line up by CNN. while the site says that the tournament is closed, it looks like it would be worth it to attend for the networking opportunity. the event is free but donations will be accepted to benefit hurricane sand relief efforts.

    if you can’t participate in the festivities in person, keep up with the conversations and important ideas shared through a live stream of the events or on Twitter following these hashtags: #socialmediaweek, #SMWNYC #SMW13

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